World Environment Day 2017

World Environment Day (WED) is the biggest, most globally celebrated day for positive environmental action.  Through WED the UN Environment Programme enables everyone to realise not only their responsibility to care for the Earth, but also reminds them of their individual power to become agents of change. Every action counts, and when multiplied globally, has an exponential impact.

I just have to think of my daughter in the Cape living on 400litre per day for the household of 4 and how they (and Ron and I) have adjusted to use water far more economically.

The WED theme this year is: “Connecting people to Nature”. Thus we are thrilled to invite you to a weekend course 28-30 July at Nylsvley with Simon Gear who will present on various topics including the weather, climate and communication.

Our grateful thanks to Lucas Namanyane who provided this lovely pic of Modimolle (Kranskop) the Holy Mountain where the Nyl floodplain begins, it ends near Makopane some 70 kilometres to the north.

We thank Geoff Lockwood and team for the wonderful Waterbirds course weekend 26-28 May.

A newsletter with annual reports etc will be on its way to you soon.

Kind regards.